Kimdaejung Convention Center 2023. 9. 21.(THU) ~
9. 24.(SUN)
2023. 09. 21.(Thu) ~ 09. 24(Sun), 4 days
2023 Gwangju International Art Fair

ORGANIZED : Gwangju Metropolitan City
MANAGED : Korea Art Promotion Association / Art Gwangju Secretariat




Yoon Ik


“미술문화를 지원하는 사랑받는 미술시장”이라는 주제 아래 다양한 사전행사 및 프로그램(프리뷰, 프레페어, 온라인 전시, 메타버스 전시, 미술문화강좌 등) 추진

Participating galleries and artists




2010 ~ 2023 Gwangju International Art Fair
2023 14h Gwangju International Art Fair

2022. 09. 21.(Thu) ~ 09. 24.(Sun), 4 days

Director : Yoon Ik General Director

"함께하는 미술시장, 설레는 미술축제"라는 주제로 국내의 다양한 지역 갤러리 유치 및 적극적인 해외 갤러리와의 협업구조 추진

본전시 116개 부스 운영, 국내외 전문 갤러리(국내 92, 국외 11) 부스와 아트광주23 특별전 13개 부스로 구성

2022 13th Gwangju International Art Fair

2022. 10. 6.(Thu) ~ 10. 9.(Sun), 4 days

Director : Yoon Ik General Director

“미술문화를 지원하는 사랑받는 미술시장”이라는 주제 아래 다양한 사전행사 및 프로그램(프리뷰, 프레페어, 온라인 전시, 메타버스 전시, 미술문화강좌 등) 추진

본전시 114개 부스 운영, 10개국 86개의 국내외 전문 갤러리(국내 75, 국외 11) 부스와 아트광주22 특별전 11개 부스, 기획전 17개 부스로 구성

2021 12th Gwangju International Art Fair

2021. 10. 28(Thu) ~ 10. 31(Sun), 4 days

Director : Yoon Ik General Director

"행복한 미술시장"이라는 주제 아래 단기적 행사를 넘어 다양한 사전행사 및 프로그램(프리뷰, 프레페어, 온라인 아트마켓, 미술문화강좌 등) 추진

본전시 95개 부스 운영, 15개국 70개의 국내외 전문갤러리(국내 56, 국외 14)와 아트광주21 사무국에서 운영하는 기획전 자체부스 25개 구성

2020 11th Gwangju International Art Fair

2020. 10. 8 (Thu) – 30 (Fri), 23 days

Director : Shin Hoyoon Artistic Director

11 galleries in 10 countries and 54 in Korea Dog Gallery presents the work of 60 artists online. Participating galleries and artists in Indonesia as a national invitational exhibition

Dongsung Gallery, Gallery Baum, Topohaus, etc.
Participation Lee Nam, Jeong Seon-hwi, Jeong Woon-hak, Hang Jeong-hoo, Song Pil-yong, Lee Ho-cheol, Hwang Hye-jeong, etc.

2019 10th Gwangju International Art Fair

2019. 9. 19 (Thu) – 22 (Sun), 4 days

Organizing Committee Chairman : Im Won-sik, Organizing Committee Chairman

With the participation of 18 countries in overseas galleries, the record for the largest number of national participation was set, and the first participation in Art Gwangju in Peru and Argentina.

91 galleries (12 overseas countries), 84 artists participated, and exhibited more than 6,000 works.

2018 9th Gwangju International Art Fair

2018. 11. 15 (Thu) – 18 (Sun), 4 days

Director : Jang Yu-ho General Director

Unlike in previous years, major domestic galleries such as Chosun Gallery, Park Young-duk Gallery, Pyo Gallery, and UM Gallery participate in large numbers, and overseas famous galleries such as SM Fine Art Gallery (New York) participate.
71 galleries at home and abroad, 102 artists participated, 6,000 works exhibited Chosun Gallery, Park Young-duk Gallery, Pyo Gallery, UM Gallery Participated in famous galleries in Korea

2017 8th Gwangju International Art Fair

2017. 9. 28 (Thu) – 10. 1 (Sun), 4 days

Director : Cho Gyu-cheol, Operation Director

In order to reduce the burden on the purchase of works by the visitors, the sales of the collections ranged from 800 to 1 million won, which is more prominent for the general public than for the collectors and for the purchase of art works.

Yang Gallery (China), François Rivinac Gallery (France), Doo Gallery (Seoul)

2016 7th Gwangju International Art Fair

2016. 8. 24 (Wed) – 28 (Sun), 5 day

Director : Yoon Hyung-jae Artistic Director

Various programs are held at the Asia Culture Center, such as donating part of the proceeds from the art fair participation to UNESCO and holding the opening ceremony ‘Art Party’

75 domestic and international galleries, 115 individual artists participated.

2015 6th Gwangju International Art Fair

2015. 9 .2 (Wed) – 9. 6 (Sun), 5 days

Director : Yoon Hyung-jae Artistic Director

A local art festival created together by citizens and cultural artists within the broad framework of the theme ‘Art Gwangju’

79 galleries at home and abroad_Overseas galleries from 7 countries, 500 artists participated, 2,300 exhibits.

2014 5th Gwangju International Art Fair

2014. 8. 29 (Fri) – 9. 1 (Mon), 4 days

Director : Jung Hoon Artistic Director

Focusing on the theme ‘Historical Events and Future Memory’ – Participation in many works by masters of contemporary art

81 domestic and foreign galleries, overseas galleries from 11 countries, 400 artists participated, 1,500 exhibits.

2013 4th Gwangju International Art Fair

2013. 9. 4 (Wed) – 9. 8 (Sun), 5 days

Director : Lee Jinmyung Artistic Director

Introduce Gwangju local artists nationwide by participating in large numbers of Asia’s leading galleries and emerging galleries, expanding special exhibitions, and recommending local artists to other galleries.

102 domestic and foreign galleries and companies participated (Overseas galleries in 15 countries, about 400 artists)

2012 3rd Gwangju International Art Fair

2012. 9. 5 (Wednesday) – 9. 9 (Sunday), 5 days

Director : Lee Ji-yoon Artistic Director

The participation rate of overseas galleries increased, including the first participation in galleries in the Middle East, and the ICF held a lecture program with the support of the British Arts Council.

Participated in 81 domestic and international galleries, 5 corporate booths.

2011 2nd Gwangju International Art Fair

2011. 9. 1 (Thu) – 9. 4 (Sun), 5 days

Director : Lee Ji-yoon Artistic Director

Chungjeonggak (Seoul), Animate Project (London), Daein Art Market (Gwangju), etc. 12 Domestic and foreign Alternative Space participate in experimental work, 13 Gwangju local galleries participated, and large numbers of Gwangju local artists participated in non-regional galleries.

2010 1st Gwangju International Art Fair

2010. 9. 1 (Wed) – 9. 5 (Sun), 5 days

Chairman : Yongwoo Lee (Vice President of Gwangju Biennale Foundation), Yoon Young-dal(President of Crown Haitai Confectionery)

Contribution and artistic characteristics of a society where the world’s leading art galleries are widespread

53 galleries, 800 artists, 2,100 artworks Listenon Gallery (UK), Altinua Gallery (Japan), Tang Gallery (China), Park Yeosook Gallery, Yeharang, Leedo Gallery, etc.